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Selection Principles and Cautions:               
1. During the selection of iron remover, iron content in the material, deironing requirements, environmental conditions, and the property of iron remover should be taken into consideration.
2. In the cases of high iron content, self-discharge electromagnetic separators and permanent magnet separators capable of continuous iron discharge are the best choice(RCDC, RCDD, RCDF, RCT and CFLT series).
3. For low-iron-content materials, manual-discharge electromagnetic separators and permanent magnet separators are advised to be used (RCDA, RCDB, RCDE and RCY series). Properly lowering suspension height will achieve a better effect. 
4. In the heavy-dust service environment, hermetic separators are preferred, such as RCDB, RCDE, RCDD and RCDF series of electromagnetic products and RCYB and RCYD series of permanent magnet products.
5. It is favorable for deironing to install separators at the head of belt conveyor; however, the driver at the bottom of separator should be made of nonferromagnetic materials.  
6. If a separator is installed in the middle of belt conveyor (cross arrangement), WCG series nonferromagnetic straight rollers should be installed under the belt to enhance effectiveness.
7. For nonferromagnetic materials that can not be adsorbed by electromagnetic separators, detect with GJT series metal detectors, and then take out these materials manually after alarm and machine halt.
8. Separators can more easily adsorb the larger and longer substances than the smaller and shorter, the pointed than the round, and the moving than the still. In case of much higher iron removal requirements, a separator with stronger capacity or double separators should be used.   
9. Concerning multi-staged separation, successive separators should have stronger deironing force than the previous ones; otherwise, successive separators can only make poor performance.
10. When the materials only contain little iron, GJT series metal detectors, together with strong excitation self-discharge electromagnetic separators, can achieve good results and save energy as well.
11. There are many deironing ways. For complicated cases, please contact us, and we will work together with you to find the way out.