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RGT high-frequency pulse demagnetizer

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Working theory:
Series RGT  high-frequency pulse demagnetizer is a kind of modern high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment with 220V 50HZ monomial AC main loop power source. In the main loop, the demagnetizing coil and its parallel-connected pulse capacitor constitute a vibration circuit. The digital-control circuit board controls two thyristor on-offs of the loop and completes the charge-up of the pulse capacitor and the discharge of the LC vibrating loop and forms a sine or cosine attenuating magnetic field, realizing demagnetization.
The equipment can be widely used in the following fields:
Demagnetization before grading, sizing and filtering with remarkable results in magnetic separation factories. The equipment can markedly improve the sizing and filtering efficiency, lower the fine ore filter cake moisture and enhance the mineral separation results.
In the heavy-medium coal washing system, the ferromagnetic mineral power can easily form conglomeration with rapid sedimentation and poor stability. The demagnetization can markedly slower the medium sedimentation and improve stability.
In the power metallurgy industry, the ferromagnetic workpiece has strong remanence and attract each other or absorb iron power and affect the next process such as grinding, magnetic hanging, punching and cutting etc.

Main technical parameter:

Type D(mm) K(mm) A(mm) d(mm)
RGT-159 269 236 140 24
RGT-180 325 292 175 24
RGT-219 325 292 205 24
RGT-325 440 395 285 24