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YAG Circular viarating Screens

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This series shaker is the circulation vibrationg,the oscillation amplitude strong and the weak may adjust,thematerial sieves drips the line to be long,the multi-layered screening,various grade of specification screening is clear,the screening efficiency is high,suits mining,the sand and crushed stone profession.

performance characteristic:

Vibrates,the operation reliable,the life to be long steadily;May adjust the exciting force,may momentarily change and the control current capacity,the adjustment convenience is stable;The vibrating motor is the excitation source,the noise is low,consumes the electricity to be small,the control characteristic is good,not flushes the material phenomenon.

The structure is simple,the movement is reliable,the adjustment,when uses the enclosed structure fuselage may prevent the dust pollvtion.

The Outine of YAg Serial Circular Vibrating Screens
The Technical characteristics and Installation Size of YAg Serial Circular Vibrating Screens(General)
The Technical characteristics of YAg serial Circular Viarating Screens(Heavy Duty)

1.The opening size and mesh material shall be indicated as well as the screen model. Unless Otherwises Pecified,the supply shall be made according to factory standard.
2.The motor may be installed either on the left or on the right of screens.Unless otheriwse specified in the contract,the equipment shall be supplied according to zhe outline sketch.
3.Standard opening shall be 13-200 for punched deck and 3-80mm for women wire deck.
4.The output shall be calculated in accordance with the bulk density of the coal.