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RCY RCY hanging Permanent-magnetic iron remover

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RCY hanging Permanent-magnetic iron remover is a high-efficient, environmental protection, energy-efficient type removing iron equipment ,which uses permanent magnetism material instead of electromagnetic coil produce large appeal. This series of products can use together with different types belt conveyers, it can remove the iron magnetized material ,which mixes in no magnetic supplies weight 0.1~25KG,and it can guarantee to make the process equipment (grinding machine , breaker ,etc. ) normal safe operation. This product has already been widely applied cement , electric power, mine , pottery , nonmetal ore , metallurgy , chemical industry , glass , papermaking , building materials , sugar refining , food, etc. This product Quality is reliable, there is no trouble to run long term in all kinds of bad environments.   
1.Adopt the design of computer simulation magnetism way, the magnetic field distribution is reasonable, the magnetic force depth is big.
2 .Separator body is simple than electromagnetic Separator, don't need power , don't need cooling system.
3.Saving electricity and energy, fault rate is low.
4.Operation is simple, running is safe and reliable.
5.Every technical targets accords with JB/T8711-1998 standard .