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CF、CFL Hanging Electromagnetic Iron Remover

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CF, CFL Series hanging electromagnetic iron remover is the first domestic using and used more iron equipment. It  won the users trust of easy operation, reliable performance and reasonable price, low maintenance. and it is the closed magnetic circuit structure pole and using more equipment in a bad working environment. It may common using with RCDB dry electromagnetic iron remover. Because of the series of products using computer-aided design optimization product structure, its technical parameter achieved  advanced level of similar foreign products.
Notes : CF is Copper group, CFL is Aluminum Core  winding 

Item/pa./Type CF-60A/CFL-60A CF-90A/CFL-90A CF-130A/CFL-130a
Suitable width(mm) 650 800 1000
Rating height(mm) 150 200 250
Excitation power(kw) 1.25 1.80 3.5
Weight(kg) 900/700 1630/1340 3550/2830
Size(mm) A 950 865 1305
B 500 865 385
C 728 693 375
E 670 570 380
F   440 590
Power KGLA-20/500 KGLA-20/500 KGLA-20/500